Snookie's Kookies 

I started Snookie's Kookies after taking a serious look at some store bought treats and decided I wanted better and healthier rewards for Japhy & Sassy. After a lot of research on what's good for dogs, what's not, what foods dogs like and don't and getting very confused, I started using my culinary background to work on tasty and healthy treat recipes. I didn't want chemical preservatives or added sugars but wanted them tasty. Along with Japhy & Sassy, I enlisted the help of Abby, Sabu, Bailey, Max, Colonel, Pepper, Tyson, Puddin', Sophie, Sammy, Honey & Lola and got Two Paws Up from them all!!

 Dogs are Furry Angels!!

 Healthy Dog Treats

Featured Fur Baby

Healthy Ingredients

Future Endeavors

Look for even more healthy treats in the near future that are Gluten Free and some will contain Glucosamine for healthy joints.

Snookie's Kookies contain ingredients that are in your very own kitchen. Most you probably use to fix your family's meals. Our Kookies have no harmful preservatives!

Each month we will feature one of my willing test subjects and fur babies whose human submit their favorite recipe that become a Snookie's Kookie!

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